After an eventful winter for Turkey the season started very late this year and, even though we are approaching the end of June, it feels like the season has only just started. Winter was relatively busy with construction.  We had two new builds, a couple of project completions and a few small renovation projects.  Much time was spent listening to the news and looking ahead with anticipation for the summer season and how it would be … thoughts quickly changed from the usual ‘will it be better than last year’ .. to…’just how bad is it going to be?!’ Nothing stays the same, in life things continually change and Korsan needs to change with it.  In terms of our focus, it will now be less on the development side of our business for a while and more on the service side again.

After a long, hard, stressful and very wet winter here we are again at the beginning of a promising season. Very wet because from the end of November through to early April it rained and rained and rained for days on end …… it was one of the wettest winters I have ever seen!  Typically this winter was one of our busiest in terms of construction projects and yet we really struggled to put men outside to carry on with the work. The extreme weather of the winter months made life very difficult as it was a hard winter in the terms of work load.  We had 5 large five bedroom villa projects, 2 smaller three bedroom villas, 6 two bedroom apartments, 5 big and 3 small renovation projects plus the usual upkeep and upgrade works on our restaurant kitchens and various Korsan owned accommodation.

Hello! It is November 14th as I start writing this and it is one of those dramatic Kalkan days …… constant thunder and lightening, gale force winds and every single road in Kalkan turned into a river with nature’s aim to take everything in it’s path down to the sea!  I always love Kalkan but love her even more when she is in this mood.   Fortunately there are no holiday makers left so no one to apologise to and no need to feel embarrassed about the mess Kalkan is in after a storm.

We are excited to introduce to you our latest project, Kalamar Bay Homes. In November 2014, in partnership with local developer, Sade Homes, we will be commencing the development of luxury villas and apartments for sale. The development has a total land size of 3843m2 and will include: 4 five bedroom villas 2 semi-detached three bedroom villas 4 two bedroom apartments The beautiful Kalamar Bay Homes are elegantly stylish modern properties offering contemporary living spaces with stunning views.

May is a month of constant running against the clock …. I’m very pleased June is almost here! All is up and running.  Memduh is back at the Korsan Suites this year and says he has been getting lots of big hugs from past guests surprised to see him ! Yasar is very content this summer, his 15th year with us running the Korsan Apartments.  He has a new baby son and his family are here in Kalkan with him full time this season. The Fish Terrace has almost the same team as last year … no changes to the kitchen team, Ozay, Ramazan, Mehmet and 55 all still on the serving team with a few additional new faces.  I have a great new recipe I want to try in the Fish Terrace this year.   Claire and I try to sample at least one of London’s famous restaurants every winter and last January it was Dabbous on Whitfield Street.  It was a fantastic evening and superb tasting menu but one course really stood out, fig leaf infused avocado broth.  We are good friends with one of the co owners of Dabbous and, in exchange for a good plug (!), Oliver Dabbous the chef and creator of the dish has given us his recipe.  We haven’t tried it out yet but hope to start experimenting next week and have it on the menu soon.

Dear Korsan Friends I hope you are all looking forward to the summer ahead and that you will be spending some time in Kalkan during the coming months. There is a lot to fill you in on since our last blog.  As usual we have been busy running around working on projects of all sizes since October last year.  We have achieved a great deal again this winter and, although I say so myself, the list is quite impressive.

Dear Korsan friends Boots on, excavators commissioned, we are building, renovating, extending and also doing a bit of buying and selling.  We are well into the construction season already with an abundance of ‘to do’ lists, commitments and dead lines as usual. I think my prediction in my last blog that we would see an improvement in the property market was a good one and we now have two new members of the Korsan family. Villa Bono is the second of our two new properties in Kalamar Bay to be sold.  The villa will be completed by early March 2014 and ready for rental for the coming season.   Villa Clara, formally known as Villa Helena, has been purchased by Korsan friends and will be included in our villas for rent for next year.  Korsan Apartment No. 9 is also changing hands, we welcome Peter and Anne to Korsan Aparments and say goodbye to Joan and Ray who have enjoyed the apartment for many years and who we hope will continue to visit Kalkan. We have a huge amount of work to do this year much of which is renovation and improvements to existing properties. To name a few, Kalkan Retreat, Villa Kalamar, No. 15, Kalkan Heights, Kalkan View, High House, Beyli Han, Villa Majorelle, Villa Gozcu, Korsan Suites, Korsan Tas Bahce and Korsan Apartments no. 9 all have major winter works to do.  With such a heavy work load we have extended the winter team this year.  Yuksel and his team will be running around the new builds as usual and Ozay and his team will be in charge of